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Welcome to Beerhunter, your go-to e-commerce destination for the finest craft beers worldwide. In this article, we want to introduce you to Beavertown Brewery. This brewery has taken the craft beer world by storm with its unique and distinct brews.

History of Beavertown Brewery 

Beavertown Brewery was founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, the son of Led Zeppelin’s legendary frontman Robert Plant. What started as a hobby in his kitchen quickly turned into a full-fledged operation in Tottenham, North London. Beavertown Brewery started as a small operation with only four employees. Still, it has since grown into a major player in the craft beer industry. In 2018, Heineken acquired a minority stake in the brewery; in 2021, Heineken became the majority shareholder.

Heineken Beavertown Brewery 

Despite the acquisition, Beavertown Brewery has maintained its unique identity and has continued to produce top-quality beer. In fact, with Heineken’s support, Beavertown has been able to expand and improve its facilities, allowing them to increase production and maintain quality.

Beavertown Breweries 

Beavertown Brewery is a true testament to the creativity and innovation of the craft beer industry. With a wide range of beers, from pale ales to stouts, there is something for everyone. Their core range includes Neck Oil Session IPA, Gamma Ray American Pale Ale, Lupuloid IPA, and the award-winning Smog Rocket Smoked Porter. In addition to its core range, Beavertown also produces a wide range of limited edition and collaboration brews.

Beavertown Beer 

Beavertown beer is characterised by its unique and bold flavours. The brewery is known for using unusual ingredients and brewing techniques to create truly distinctive beers. For example, their popular Gamma Ray American Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of five US hops, resulting in a beer bursting with tropical fruit and citrus flavours.

How is Beavertown Beer Brewed? 

Beavertown beer is brewed using a combination of traditional and modern brewing techniques. The brewery uses only the finest ingredients, including high-quality malt, hops, and yeast. Beavertown also takes great care to ensure that its beers are brewed sustainably and environmentally friendly. The brewery has installed a water treatment system to reduce its water consumption. It has also implemented a recycling program to reduce waste.

In conclusion, Beavertown Brewery is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the art of craft brewing. With its unique and innovative brews, Beavertown has established itself as one of the most exciting breweries in the world. Whether you’re a fan of pale ales, stouts, or anything in between, Beavertown has something to offer. At Beerhunter, we are proud to offer a wide range of Beavertown beers, so why not try one today and discover what makes Beavertown Brewery so special?