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Picture yourself at your local Italian, eating a delicious plate of pasta and washing it down with a crisp Italian beer. Sounds great, right?

Wine is a staple beverage in Italy, but the breweries there have also mastered a lager. In fact, pale lager tends to be the tipple of choice here. It’s coined as the best supplement to pizza, so this is when Italians traditionally drink beer. pragmatic slot

Popular Italian Beer Brands

There are many amazing Italian beer brands out there. Take Peroni Brewery – it’s been in the business since 1846! Not forgetting Birra Moretti, which followed shortly after in 1859.

Both of these brewers are famous for their delectable pale lagers, which you can easily guzzle from your sofa. For delicate citrus notes and a dry finish, grab a pack of Peroni Nastro Azzurro. If you prefer a smoother, full-bodied brew, try a bottle of Birra Moretti. Either way, you’ll experience an authentic Italian taste. starlight princess

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