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American beer is considered a real people-pleaser; it’s basic, light and appeals to the masses. Right? Wrong. Actually, over in the US, they’re just as innovative as the next guy. In fact, most international beer trends are now influenced by the innovation and creativity coming out of the American craft beer scene.

The Best American Beer Brands

Representing the West Coast are some of the best breweries to come out of the States. First up is the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, known for providing fantastic, flavourful creations with American-grown hops. Don’t forget to taste the fruity, unfiltered goodness of their Hazy Little Thing session IPA.

Now, jump on a plane or take a long road trip and hit up the East Coast, where you’ll find even more brilliant brews. In the Big Apple, you’ll discover the Brooklyn Brewery, which offers lagers to please all hop-heads. For a deliciously zesty non-alcoholic drink, grab a glass of Special Effects. 

Thankfully, for all of you at home, there’s no need to travel across the Atlantic for your favourite cans. Simply order a case to be delivered directly to your door; all you have to do is chill, serve and enjoy.