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You shouldn’t have to miss out on drinking beer just because you’re gluten and wheat intolerant. That’s why gluten-free beer is an absolute godsend!

How is Gluten-free Beer Made?

Well, in order to make any beer style without gluten, the brewing process has to be a little different. It can be brewed in one of two ways; either an alternative grain is used to ensure the drink is naturally gluten and wheat-free, or an enzyme is added during production. This clever thing then removes the gluten from the grains.

Which Beers are Gluten-free?

Many popular breweries now create these brilliant beverages, including brands like BrewDog, Green’s and First Chop. Crack open a bottle of gluten-free pale ale, or try a dry-hopped lager. Trust us, you won’t notice any difference in taste!

To truly explore the vast flavours available, why not pick up a mixed case? Indulge in 12 different drinks when you opt for our Gluten-free and Vegan Set.

Grab a Pack Today

We stock a range of gluten-free hops, which means you’ll never have to go beer-less again! Order a selection, today, and sip one yourself.