Gluten-free Beer

Gluten-free Beer
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You shouldn’t have to miss out on drinking beer just because you’re gluten and wheat intolerant. That’s why gluten-free beer is an absolute godsend!

So, how can beer be free from gluten? Well, the brewing process is a little different. Either an alternative grain is used to ensure the drink is naturally gluten and wheat-free, or an enzyme is added during production. This then removes the gluten from the grains.

Many popular breweries now create these brilliant beverages, including brands like BrewDog, Green’s and First Chop. Crack open a bottle of India pale ale, or try a dry-hopped lager. Trust us, you won’t notice any difference in taste!

We stock a range of gluten-free hops, which means you’ll never have to go beer-less again! Order a selection, today, and sip one yourself.