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Lager, we all know it well. It’s served in almost every bar and sold in practically all the shops, but it certainly shouldn’t be underrated just because of its popularity. The incredible variety of styles on offer simply means there’s more for you to try – and you can start sampling them today!

It’s a type of beer that differs from ale because of the way it’s brewed. Lager is conditioned at low temperatures with bottom-fermenting yeast, creating a crisp and refreshing drink which can vary from a golden yellow to a dark brown colour. Pale lagers are, of course, the most popular and probably the most-consumed kind of beer in the world.

At Beerhunter, we stock a wide range of the stuff, including everything from household names like Birra Moretti and Peroni, to modern, craft-style options that are full of flavour and pack a real punch. If you know that you prefer a German or Czech lager, you can also shop by country, too. 

To get your hands on a six or 12-pack of this fan favourite, browse our selection, now.