Beavertown Brewery Mixed Case – Neck Oil, Gamma Ray & Lupuloid (12 Pack)


Beavertown was the old cockney name given to the historic De Beauvoir area, famed across Victorian London for its ale houses, local breweries, rich characters and infinite revelry. The original Rock ‘N’ Roll neighbourhood. The founders of Beavertown Brewery were drawn together by the past and future calling of old Beavertown, and by a simple mission: to make some damn fine ales. This gift set includes their 3 founding staples, Gamma Ray, Neck Oil & Lupuloid.

BREWERY: Beavertown


SIZE: 330ml Cans

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Beavertown Brewery Core Mixed Case 3 core beers picked to go in a mixed case for you to try, experiment and experience. Brewed in London and they are driven by their passion for innovation and quality. They are dedicated to brewing beers that create an experience and crave big flavours and character in every brew.

•Neck Oil Session IPA 4.3% ABV (330 ml)

•Gamma Ray American Pale Ale 5.4% ABV (330 ml)

•Lupuloid IPA 6.7% ABV (330 ml)


This Beavertown Beer is collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.


Beavertown Brewery

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6 Pack, 12 Pack




Beavertown Brewery