Estrella Damm Spanish Pale Lager 330ml Bottles – 4.6% ABV (12 Pack)


Darker bottle, better beer. Research has shown that exposure to light damages beer and affects it’s flavour. So to make sure Estrella beer is delivered to you in the very best condition, they have darkened their brown bottle. This not only gives 30% more protection against harmful light, it ensures you enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm every time you open a bottle.

BREWERY: Estrella Damm



ABV: 4.6%

SIZE: 330ml Bottle

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Estrella Damm Spanish Pale Lager 330ml Bottles – 4.6% ABV

Estrella have been brewing in Barcelona with Mediterranean ingredients since 1876. Working closely with the local farmers who grow the barley. They have our own malt house very near the growing fields. Using rice from the Ebro Delta to give the beer a refreshing palate and a cleaner aroma that does not overpower the barley.

These Estrella Damm Beers are collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.


Estrella Damm