Gulden Draak Strong Ale Belgian Strong Ale 330ml Bottles – 10.50% ABV (12 Pack)




BREWERY: Gulden Draak

COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLE: Strong Ale

ABV: 10.50%

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Gulden Draak is brewed by Van Steenberge Brewery, a renowned Belgian brewery with a rich history and tradition in brewing. Located in Ertvelde, Belgium, the brewery has been producing a wide range of celebrated Belgian ales, with Gulden Draak being one of its flagship products. Gulden Draak is a Belgian Strong Ale that presents a dark red-brown colour with a foamy pale tan head.It’s named after a 900-year-old gilded dragon statue atop the clock tower in Ghent’s town square. This beer is known for its complex and rich taste profile, which includes aromas of dark fruits, toffee, bread, and banana, accompanied by notes of alcohol, bubblegum, candied cherry, and coffee. This beer is ideal for those who appreciate strong, dark ales with complex flavours. It pairs well with a variety of foods, including beef, game, smoked meat or fish, and certain types of cheese like Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss, Blue, and Cheddar.

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Gulden Draak