Veganuary and beyond: How to manage your diet after January

So, January 2021 is coming to a close, and with it comes the end of this year’s Veganuary. 

If you were taking part in this cheerful challenge, you might be deliberating over what to do next. Should you stick to vegan beers for another month, become vegan full-time or do something in-between? We’ve written up this little guide to help you decide!

What to do After Veganuary?

When you’ve completed Veganuary, you may be faced with a few life choices. For whatever reason, you could revert to your previous diet for the time being. Alternatively, you might choose to live a plant-based lifestyle permanently.

If that’s the case, you may be wondering how to go vegan full-time? Well, it’s a big change, and there’s a lot to consider. So, it’s wise to put a reasonable amount of thought and planning into it. Firstly, think about which foods you’ll need to replace or alter – you could always add a vegan tipple to your recipes to give them that extra kick!

Then, you’ll want to line up new sources of protein, iron and vitamin B12. For some people, animal products are the primary provider of these minerals. Therefore, arranging a handful of alternatives will ensure your body still gets the nutrients it needs once you commit to veganism.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of substitutes out there. Spend your time experimenting and you’ll soon find yummy options that work for you!

What is a “Flexitarian?”

After a month of eating plant-based meals, you could be ready to make the change overnight. Or, maybe you need a bit more time before fully committing to it? If that’s the case, a good starting point is to go flexitarian, which is also known as a semi-vegetarian diet.

A flexitarian is someone who is mostly vegetarian but occasionally eats meat and fish products. This is a great way for you to gradually transition into veganism!

The Vegan Society suggests taking things slow. Remove one meat product at a time, or try going vegan for one day per week. You could even start by making plant-based breakfasts or lunches, to ease yourself into your desired diet.

Which Option Should I Take?

Ultimately, both options offer a viable route into veganism, and the right one for you will depend on your personal preferences. If you think you’re ready to make the shift immediately, then go ahead! However, it’s totally fine to phase yourself into it at a slower pace.

We’ve got a range of flavoursome vegan beers for you to sip on, whether you’re looking for a brew that fits in with your new food regime, or you want to reduce your intake of animal products. Order a pack straight to your door, today!