Personalised Wine Gift Sets

Personalised Wine Gifts

Starting the journey of finding personalised gifts for wine lovers can be very difficult. So here at Beerhunter, we have dedicated an entire page to personalised wine gift sets to help our beloved customers and wine lovers find the perfect wine gift set for that special someone in their life. Our personalised gifts are perfect for all wine lovers, as we have a mega selection of Red Wines, White Wines, Champagnes and Proseccos.

Red Wine Gifts

Starting with our red wine selection, we have a delicious personalised 40th anniversary Chateauneuf Du Pape wine. Chateauneuf Du Pape is fermented using Grenache, Syrah & Mourvèdre grapes in the Southern Rhone Valley. This wine gift set showcases a bright ruby colour and a complex nose of red fruits carried by spiced aromas.

Why not mix up the wine selection for your beloved family member, friend, partner, or co-workers by choosing our personalised mixed red wine gift set, including a Tolva Cabernet Sauvignon and a Tribu Malbec, securely packed in a wooden personalised gift box ready to be shipped. Tolva Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied soft tannins with fruity berried notes and excellent length. Black fruit-forward on both the nose and palate. The grape arises from France and is one of the five original grapes of Bordeaux. This versatile wine can be matched with all manner of beef, lamb, and good mature cheeses. On the other hand, Tribu Malbec is a delicate and harmonious wine; the aroma is an abundant union of red fruit and black pepper. Medium-bodied, round tannins provide a persistent finish.

White Wine Gifts

Here at Beerhunter we have a vast selection of white wine gift sets, including Tolva Chardonnay, Folinari Pinot Grigio, and Chablis. All are beautifully packed in a wooden personalised gift box, ready to surprise the beloved recipient.

Our personalised mixed white wine collection of Tolva Chardonnay and Folinari Pinot Grigio is perfect for those unique gifts for wine lovers. Tolva Chardonnay is bright yellow in colour with green reflections. This wine has pineapple, melon, and apricot aromas with a delicate note of mandarin orange. Folinari Pinot Grigio is dry with a greenish yellow colour. This white wine showcases a simple nose releasing floral and fruity scent; you are sure to be charmed with this light-bodied white wine gift revealing a slender texture and a Dry finish.

Red and White Wine Gift Sets

If you are unsure what the recipient’s preferred wine is, why not choose from our red and white wine mixed gift sets selection? Here you can find a mega selection of mixed wines securely packed in a wooden personalised gift box. Try our Personalised Mixed Red & White Wine Collection Gift Set in Wooden Box (Tolva Cabernet Sauvignon & Folinari Pinot Grigio), or our Personalised Luxury Mixed Red & White Wine Collection Wooden Gift Set (Chateauneuf-Du-Pape & Chablis).