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ABK is proudly steeped in history and with German royalty even enjoying these beers, you know they have to be something pretty special.

You’ll find this Bavarian brewery in the woodlands at the foot of the Alps, where it uses only the freshest ingredients. Their Hallertau hops and grains have been sourced from local farms for over 700 years, so here’s to 700 more!

Fill up a glass with ABK Hell, to get a taste for what these master brewers are all about. This light-bodied lager has a floral, hoppy flavour with hints of pine and crisp, green apple notes. Refreshing, right?

Alternatively, give the full-bodied ABK Hefeweizen a go; it’s top-fermented and has a rich yellow appearance. Because it’s so smooth and easy to drink, you’ll be onto the next bottle in no time.

Can’t decide what to try first from this awesome brewery? By opting for the ABK German Speciality Beer Mixed Case, you won’t miss out on any of these scrumptious beverages. To discover your next favourite, order a case online, today.