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Named after the town where it’s brewed, Jever beer dates back over 160 years. In 1934, their master brewer combined a little extra hop with the super-soft water found in Friesland, and hey presto – their original Jever Pilsener was born!

Drinking this Frisian beer provides a refreshing and crisp beverage that lasts. Opt for six or 12 500ml bottles of hoppy happiness; you can expect a delightfully clear yet carbonated appearance when you pour it into a glass.

Anyone who’s searching for beery-tasting, low-alcohol options needs to try Jever Fun. It keeps the characterful flavour of its ethanol-filled friends, yet only contains 0.5 percent ABV. This is thanks to the gentle way that it’s processed, which retains its rich aroma.

For a thirst-quenching drink, pull out a pack of this brand’s brews and serve cold! We think great beer should be shared, so why not send some to a mate? You can even choose to include a gift card featuring a personalised message, and have it delivered straight to their door.

Go ahead and order a bundle, now!