Joseph Holt’s Crystal Gold Lager 275ml Bottles – 4.5% ABV (12 Pack)


Brewed with Slovenian whole hops to give a slightly floral aroma, Crystal Gold is a continental style lager specially chilled for three weeks for a super crisp, fresh taste. Pouring a bright golden colour, Crystal Gold is a delicate and clean lager, smooth in texture with a touch of sweetness to finish. Light and refreshing, this easy-drinker will perk you right up. Crystal Gold is also vegan friendly.

BREWERY: Joseph Holt’s



ABV: 4.5%

SIZE: 275ml Bottle

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Joseph Holt’s Crystal Gold Lager 275ml Bottles – 4.5% ABV

It was back in 1849 when a young Joseph Holt started brewing ales in the backstreets of Manchester. Over 170 years later and they remain a proud independent family brewer now on their sixth generation. They’ve been in their Empire Street brewery since 1860 where they use the finest ingredients alongside time-honoured brewing traditions and the latest technology to make sure all their beers are consistently top quality.

These Joseph Holt’s Beers are collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.

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