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Rather than just grabbing a handful of bottles to enjoy on an evening, pick up one of our brilliant beer kegs. Each one contains a huge 20 litres of a beloved, hop-tastic beverage.

We stock a range of kegs from several outstanding brewers, so you can select a style that you know and love. Or, try something new, such as the indulgent Belgian beer: Leffe Blond.

Invest in a Beer Keg Machine

Are you looking to truly spoil yourself? If so, now is the perfect time to purchase the ‘BeerTap’ – our incredible draft beer dispenser. Simply slot in your chosen keg and use the proper tap handle to pour out your precious pints.

Not only is this machine cool to look at, but it’ll keep your drinks cool, too. It chills the brew inside to 3°C and keeps it carbonated for 30 days. So refreshing!

Buy Beer Kegs for Your Home

Why settle for anything less than a cold tipple in an instant? Order beer kegs to use at home, today.