Best Selling Mixed Beer Cases

Mixed Cases

Can’t decide on what tempting tipples to order next? We can certainly help you with that! Our mixed beer cases offer an assortment of bottles and cans to try, allowing you to savour a selection of hoppy beverages all at once.

Bestselling Mixed Cases

At Beerhunter, we know that variety is the spice of life, so we’re proud to offer a wide range of mixed beer cases to suit every taste. Our bestselling mixed cases include Manchester Breweries Craft Beer Mixed Case, Gluten Free Beer Gift Set, German Breweries Mixed Beer Gift Set, World Globetrotting Craft Lager Mixed Case, and Great British Craft Beer Mixed Case.

Whether you’re already a craft beer connoisseur or have just started exploring the world of different drinks, there’s a set of brews just waiting for you. These brilliant bundles combine various styles and flavours to provide a sensational drinking experience. In addition, you’re sure to discover some new favourites that tickle your taste buds!

British Mixed Cases

Our British mixed cases are a must-try for those looking to sample some of the best British beers on offer. Our Best of Hobgoblin Mixed Case, Manchester Breweries Mixed Case, Beavertown Brewery Mixed Case, and Brewdog Craft Punk IPA Mixed Case features some of the most popular and well-regarded British beers. These mixed cases are the perfect way to discover new British beers and sample some of the best of British beer brands.

German Mixed Cases

German beer enthusiasts will be delighted with our selection of German mixed cases. Our German Breweries Premium Lager Mixed Case and German Breweries Craft Beer Mixed Case include some of the best German beers available, from classic German beer brands like ABK Hells German Lager to exciting craft beers. These mixed cases are ideal for those looking to explore the rich tradition of German beer-making and taste some of the best German beer the UK offers.

Belgian Mixed Cases

Belgian beer lovers will appreciate our selection of Belgian mixed cases, which include the Belgian Fruit Beer Mixed Case, Brasserie d’Achouffe Belgian Beer Gift Set, and Westmalle Belgian Trappist Triple Mixed Case. These mixed cases are a great way to sample the diverse range of Belgian beer brands and discover the best Belgian beer in the UK.

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Our mixed cases are carefully curated to provide various flavours and styles, making a perfect beer multipack for any occasion. So, whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or just getting started on your beer journey, Beerhunter has a mixed case to suit your taste.

The Perfect Glass for the Perfect Beer

At Beerhunter, we understand that the perfect glass can enhance the taste and aroma of your beer. Therefore, we’re delighted to include a selection of craft beer glasses with some of our mixed cases. Our mixed cases feature specially designed glasses tailored to the case’s specific beer styles.

For example, Our Manchester Breweries Craft Beer Mixed Case comes with a Beerhunter Branded Half Pint Glass, perfect for enjoying ales and stouts. Flying Dog Pint Glass, included in World Craft Mixed Beer Case, is an ideal choice for enjoying a wide variety of beers. The Hitachino Nest Glass is included in our Hitachino Nest Mixed Case. It is designed to showcase the lager’s aromas and flavours. Finally, the Chimay Glass, included in the Belgian Craft Beer Mixed Case, is a traditional Belgian glass that allows the beer to breathe and release its full aroma.

These craft beer glasses are not only functional but also make for a great addition to any beer lover’s collection. They can also be used for other beer styles to enhance the experience of drinking a beer. Having the right glass for the right beer style can elevate your beer-drinking experience to the next level. So whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or new to craft beer, Beerhunter’s mixed cases with included glasses will make your drinking experience even more enjoyable.

Grab yourself a mixed case now and enjoy a bottle from the comfort of your own sofa.