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Have you been asking yourself: “What is stout beer?” Don’t worry, we’re on hand to tell you all about it. This kind of brew is top-fermented and decadently dark in colour, so it’s sure to awaken your palate!

As well as the usual elements which form a great tasting beer, stout is typically made with roasted barley or roasted malt. That’s why you’ll notice the malty notes of this invigorating drink as soon as you take your first sip. 

Don’t let the colour fool you though; this style can be sweet or dry in taste, depending on how and where it’s brewed. In Ireland, it usually has a dry finish and produces a robust flavour that some drinkers liken to espresso or bitter chocolate. Meanwhile, an American or English stout can be sweeter and even stronger than an Irish one! 

Turn to the dark side and order a case of this trendy type of beer for yourself. Try a classic vanilla oatmeal stout from First Chop or Green’s gluten-free version of this popular pint. You won’t regret it…