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Sour beer has a tart body with a real zip. It’s an acidic drink that awakens your senses with its impactful aroma, and creating this type of beer involves a specialised style of brewing.

Traditionally, brewers across the world would let bacteria and wild yeast (Brettanomyces) ferment the beer. This gave it its famous, bitter taste. Nowadays, this process is much more controlled

The Best Sour Beers

Countless breweries have created a new range of sour beers. Take Tiny Rebel, who launched their Funk Tropical Bubblegum and Funk Very Cherry. Or Thornbridge’s Florida Weiss raspberry flavoured hazy IPA.

Sour beers don’t have to be sweet, either. Magic Rock’s tangy tipple, Salty Kiss, proves this; it’s laced with gooseberry, sea buckthorn and sea salt.

Types of Sour Beers

There are many different sour beer styles, but the most common are:

  • Gose (pronounced Gose-Uh): A top-fermenting beer from Germany – its salt content brings a bold flavour
  • Berliner Weisse: A cloudy German beer that’s typically around 3% ABV, often served with a fruity syrup. It’s a great entry-level pint
  • Flanders Red Ale: Sometimes referred to as Flemish reds, these Belgian beers have a distinctive red hue, fermented with brewers’ yeast and aged in oak barrels
  • Oud Bruin: Another Belgian beer (produced in the Flemish region), infused with cultured yeasts. It’s similar to Flanders Red Ale, but it’s a darker colour, with brown ale used as its ‘base’
  • Lambic: These barrel-aged Belgian beers are fermented using naturally occurring wild yeast
  • American Wild Ale: A US sour beer made with strains of bacteria and yeast.

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