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Showing 1–16 of 94 results

Whatever your chosen tipple, be it a pale ale or a pilsner, there are plenty of beers in the UK to pick from. Beer has been brewed here for thousands of years, meaning we know a thing or two about hops, barley and all that other good stuff.

Traditionally, English beers tend to be light, hoppy ales, while Scottish options are usually darker and malty. These days though, we Brits love all kinds of brews, drinking everything from classic ales to funky craft beers. So, no matter what you fancy, you’ll find it here in the UK.

If you live in London and want to try a local lager, why not opt for a Camden Town Hells or an IPA from Brixton Brewery? Then, don’t forget to explore the fantastic range of drinks from the brewers all across the country, too.

Better yet, these chilled beverages can be enjoyed with a packet of crisps from your own comfortable sofa at home. So, order a case of your favourite British beer and fill your fridge with a few refreshing bottles, today.