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German Beers
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If there’s one thing that Germans do well, it’s beer. We just can’t decide where it’s loved more, in Germany, or in Britain.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to catch a plane to get a taste of traditional German beer, as many of our firm favourites are sold here in the UK. So, you can easily enjoy some of the best Bavarian brands from the comfort of your own home, including Löwenbräu and Augustiner.

Thanks to the Reinheitsgebot regulations, breweries in Germany can only use water, malt, yeast and hops as ingredients, meaning their beers won’t contain any other preservatives or flavourings that could distract from the established drink we all know and love.

If you fancy trying something new but are struggling to decide what to go for, why not opt for a mixed case? That way, you can try 10 or 12 different beers of varying styles, from a number of tried and tested German breweries. How about a crisp, golden Helles lager, with a light, hoppy finish, or a full-bodied pilsner with hints of caramel?

To sample this refreshing, amber nectar, follow these simple steps: browse, order and serve (in a stein, of course!)