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We all love a good beer but there are some situations where we simply can’t indulge in our usual drink, even if we want to. Maybe you’re teetotal but enjoy the taste of this trusty tipple? Perhaps you’re a designated driver or a fitness fanatic who wants a brilliant brew without the calories? That’s where alcohol-free beer takes centre stage, and luckily for you, we stock a full-bodied range of the stuff.

Whether you’re after a case of wheat beer, lager, pale ale or have a real sweet tooth, look no further. You can sip anything from BrewDog’s Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA to Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects Alcohol-Free Lager. Or, treat yourself to a mixed multipack for a true flavour adventure. 

Check out the different types of “near beer” beverages we offer at Beerhunter and discover your ultimate favourite in no time!