Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic Beer

Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic Beer

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We all love a good brew, but there are some situations where we simply can’t indulge in a full-strength alcoholic offering. That’s where non-alcoholic beer takes centre stage! From your favourite reliable brands (like Heineken 0.0) to all-new contenders, we stock a full range of the stuff.

How is Alcohol-Free Beer Made?

Alcohol-free beer is made in a variety of different ways. One approach is the modern method of “vacuum distillation”. This is where the beer is brewed traditionally, before using evaporation techniques to remove the alcohol. Luckily, all of the drink’s tantalising taste is preserved!

Some breweries keep the ABV down by using special yeast or by diluting the alcohol level. Others choose to limit the fermentation process, which reduces the initial alcohol content. The result? Low-alcohol versions of classic beverages. Nice!

What Are Some of the Best Low-Alcohol Beers?

Whether you’re after a wonderful case of wheat beer or a premium pale ale, you’re certain to find a tipple to suit your tastes.

Why not grab a pint of BrewDog’s Punk AF IPA or Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects Hoppy Amber? Both of these brilliant beverages provide a refreshing, low-alcohol delight. Alternatively, treat yourself to a mixed pack of low ABV beers. This is a great option if you’re looking to try a myriad of bottles by various craft breweries.

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