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Us Brits know a thing or two about how to concoct the perfect pint, cider included. In fact, we sip more of the stuff per person in the UK than anywhere else in the world (especially in the West Country)! Don’t rule out the international options, though, as there are plenty of French and Swedish varieties of this drink which really do hit the spot.

What Is Cider?

Loved for its sweet, fruity taste, this beverage can be enjoyed on any occasion. It’s traditionally made from fermented apples, and there are several styles that are all guaranteed to please. Not only can the flavour change depending on the kind of apple used, but certain types (such as dry cider) have different sweetness levels, too.

Get Cases of Cider Delivered, Today

Alongside authentic apple cider production, we’ve recently seen the birth of a whole new bunch of exotic ingredients. Juicy berry ciders have become a reliable favourite for many, and if you fancy trying a truly unique tipple, the number of creative alternatives available are never-ending.

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