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Blonde Ale
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Blonde ale is a kind of pale ale that is adored by many because, well, there are loads of different types to choose from. In fact, not everyone knows exactly what a true blonde ale is. For the most part, these pints are golden yellow, smooth and easy to drink, with the odd spicy or fruity flavour added in, too. What’s not to like?

Still, even within blonde ales, you can find a wide range of flavours and styles, because this drink means different things to different people. Various countries have put their own twist on this versatile beverage, while some see it as being interchangeable with golden ale.

However, for a classic take on this brew, you’d better try one of the Belgian bottles. Have a sip of La Chouffe, an unfiltered beer with a hint of herbs and a hoppy taste, or maybe go for a can of Vedett Extra Blond – there’s certainly enough choice to get you started!

So, grab a glass and order something that tickles your fancy. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around.