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Beerhunter offers a diverse range of world beers to customers. With a focus on quality, we believe in providing the best beer from around the world. Our extensive selection of world beers includes a variety of styles and tastes, from crisp lagers to rich stouts.

We offer beers from several countries, including Germany, Belgium, the UK, the USA and Argentina. German beers such as Fruh and Augustiner are known for their crisp and refreshing taste, making them perfect for a summer day. Belgian beers like Leffe and Jever offer a sweet and malty flavour, perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter beer.

In the UK, we offer beers from leading craft brewers such as Beavertown and Brewdog. Beavertown, based in London, produces a range of unique and innovative beers that showcase their passion for brewing. Brewdog, based in Scotland, is a leading brewery that creates beer with a bold flavour.

In addition to these beers, we also offer a range of American beers, including Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada, based in California, is a well-known beer company that produces a range of IPAs and other hoppy beers. Flensburger, based in Germany, is known for its smooth and crisp lagers.

Whether you’re looking for a beer to enjoy at home or as a gift for someone else, Beerhunter has a wide range of world beers to choose from. Our gift sets are perfect for any beer lover and can be delivered directly to your door. So why not try a new beer today and discover the world of beer with Beerhunter.

Independent beers by country from across the world of beer. Each pops up with incredible blends of beer styles unique to their country, using multiple hops packed with flavour. Above all, at Beerhunter our sommeliers have climbed The Rockies and traversed the slopes of the Alps. In addition, to even trudging the back streets of Manchester, bringing you the best beers from countries worldwide.

In addition, we pledge to bring you the best beers by country from a hand-selected range of craft beers and brews. Therefore these will even tantalise the taste buds of those well-trained beer connoisseurs. As a result, we have created an award-winning range of independent beers by country with brand styles such as Belgium Trappist Beer, British Craft Beer, German Wheat Beer & many, many more. With over 350 world beers (and growing) in our collection. We pledge to bring you the finest beers that microbreweries from world breweries have to offer.

Not to mention our range of locally sourced independent beers by country will continue to grow. In other words, we will begin to venture further and further across the world to find the perfect IPA, Bitter, Lager & Stouts.

In conclusion, our aim as Beerhunter is to bring you, the beer lovers, the best beer by breweries.

Above all, we want to make your experience with Beerhunter the best it can be. If you find yourself looking for a craft beer we do not stock let us know and we will try and source this for you.