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Fruit beer is exactly what its name implies; it’s a tantalising tipple with a juicy flavour to it. This style actually originates from Belgium, and was often produced using cherries to create kriek (or raspberries to make framboise).

These brilliant beverages are brewed like any other, except fruit juice (or syrup) is added first instead of sugar. This gives it that sweet, refreshing aroma! Drinkers can still find these classic tastes today, alongside a bunch of sour beers.

Many people think that this type of Belgian brew is automatically classed as a lambic, but it’s not. However, some lambic beers have fruity flavourings, so that’s usually where the confusion lies.

Which Punchy Pints to Try?

Grab a bottle of Floris Mango and revel in its mellow, exotic flavours with hints of citrus. Or, choose a pack of Floris Passion for a syrupy finish. For something a little tarter, a Timmermans Strawberry fruit lambic is sure to do the trick.

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