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Fruit Beer
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Fruit beer is exactly what it says on the tin because it has a mouth-watering, juicy flavour to it. There are plenty of these punchy pints to try, thanks to the endless variations on offer.

Originating in Belgium, fruit beers were often produced with cherries to create kriek or using raspberries to make framboise (yes, the Belgians are beer gods). You can still find these classic tastes today alongside a bunch of new ones! These beers are brewed like any other, except instead of sugar, fruit juice or syrup is added first, giving it that sweet, refreshing aroma. 

Get your taste buds tingling by grabbing a bottle of Floris Mango for some mellow, exotic flavours with hints of citrus. Or, choose a pack of Floris Passion if you want to slurp a beverage with a syrupy finish. For something a little tarter, Timmermans Strawberry beer will be right up your street.

Simply pick a bottle from the fantastic selection available and order it straight to your door! Convenient, right?