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Let us tell you all about pilsner beers – a type of pale lager which takes your taste buds on a real adventure, thanks to a little kick from the added hops.

This blissful, bottom-fermented style of brew was first produced back in 1842 and you guessed it – it’s been a hit ever since. Pretty impressive, right? Its name wasn’t a random choice, either. It actually takes credit from the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, where this beer was first brewed.

Grab a case and sip this fresh, zippy and crisp drink, brimming with plenty of spicy hops; complete with a nice dry finish. As for its colouring, pilsners usually come in lighter shades on the beer chart, ranging from pale yellow to golden tones. 

Try a Berliner Pilsner brewed in Germany’s quirky capital and really take in the malty, caramel goodness. Or, opt for a bottle of Green’s and glug their gluten-free version of this hoppy favourite!