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Nestled in the Japanese city of Naka, the Kiuchi Brewery really is something special. It’s here where the delightful Hitachino Nest beer is made, which proudly features the iconic red owl on the side of each and every bottle.

This unique brewer uses ingredients from the West but utilizes them with a distinctly Japanese method. It prides itself on ignoring the latest trends, and simply focuses on making the best, tastiest brews it can. The result? Some awesome, flavourful beverages, each made to an exceptional standard.

Have a sip of their Belgian-style White Ale, which has hints of orange, coriander and nutmeg, making for a deliciously complex combo. Or, go for their Amber Ale, which has a beautiful, dark ruby colour in your pint glass. Whatever you opt for, this brewery will introduce you to exciting beers that are made with care and passion.

If you’re eager to try one of these distinctive drinks, simply order a case, today, and get it delivered straight to your door.