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If you’re searching for a strong ale to satisfy your thirst, just reach for a Delirium beer. This brand is a cult favourite in Belgium, and we can certainly see why.

At the Huyghe Brewery in 1988, Delirium Tremens was born. This blonde beverage may be pale in colour, but it still packs a real punch and leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. The intricate flavour of this delicious drink is the unique result of its creators using three different types of yeast.

You won’t only find this brilliant brew in Flemish homes, though, as it’s now available worldwide. So, you can easily enjoy a cold glass of this tasty tipple in the comfort of your own home. Better yet, their bold packaging and famous pink elephant logo will look great on your shelf!

Or, you could even choose a gift pack and bag one of their funky glasses alongside four bottles of the stuff.