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If you’re looking for a refreshing pint which packs a punch, Floris beer is sure to please.
This brand’s bottles are filled with great-tasting hops and embossed with jazzy labelling. What’s not to love?

Produced in Belgium by Huyghe Brewery, the creators of Floris really know their stuff. They add super juicy ingredients to a number of their tantalising tipples, pleasing those drinkers with a real sweet tooth.

Get your hands on a 12 pack of Floris Kriek to sup on a fabulously fruity (yet wonderfully sour) beer. This brew is bursting with wild cherries and a hint of nuts (from the cherry stones), delivering an easy-drinking, light flavour. Your taste buds will tingle with each and every sip you take of this brilliant beverage.

Try one for yourself; order a case of their drinks from us, now!