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Welcome to the world of Green’s beer.

Did you know that this brand’s brilliant beverages are gluten-free? Result. Once upon a time, the founder, Derek Green, was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Understandably, he still wanted the sweet sensation of sipping a beer. So, he set up Green’s: a brewery dedicated to producing gluten-free goodness!

If you can’t usually stomach a brew (because of the gluten), rejoice with a bottle of these hearty hops. Green’s drinks are now vegan-friendly, too; everyone’s dietary requirements are met when enjoying a pint on behalf of these guys.

This budding brewery offers it all. Try a hoppy pilsner or a dark ale featuring notes of chocolate and sour cherry. Alternatively, if you want to sample a selection of different tipples, you can do just that. Get your hands on a mixed case of 12 bottles and take your taste buds on a true adventure!

Explore a range of these refreshing beers for yourself, today.