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Tripel Karmeliet beer is produced in Buggenhout, Belgium, by the Bosteels Brewery, which was founded way back in 1791.

Specifically, this bold beverage is a three-grain Belgian Tripel, as it’s brewed using wheat, oats and barley to create a distinctive, layered taste. This refined recipe is down to the hard work of the Bosteels family, who have spent seven generations perfecting the drink’s character.

They originally took inspiration from a brew devised by a Carmelite monastery in 1679! So, although this is no new concoction, it has certainly been crafted into something very special. Even pouring it should be done with extra care. The perfect serve has a thick head filling most of the glass, leaving just five millimetres of beer in the bottle.

When you crack one open, you’ll be able to appreciate its rich, golden colour and medium body. Don’t delay on sampling this creamy, yet fresh flavour: browse our entire range, today, before savouring a 12-pack of this strong tipple!