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Belgium’s Orval Abbey really is beautiful, isn’t it? But, did you know that it also happens to be the home of Orval beer? Yep, it’s brewed in that very monastery by Cistercian monks. The drink itself is a full-bodied and bitter ale, boasting a rich amber shade and a delightfully creamy head.

Its distinctive taste is all down to the unique brewing process. To ensure the bold aromas are up to scratch, high-quality ingredients are infused with English-style dry-hopping. Then, this authentic Trappist brew is aged to perfection, giving it that slightly sweet, fruity flavour. 

This highly sought-after ale really is something special. So, bust open one of these bowling pin-shaped bottles and treat yourself to a traditional Belgian beverage.

After just a single sip of this tasty tipple, we’re sure you’ll become a loyal customer. Don’t take our word for it though, simply order your case online, today, and try it for yourself.