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Let your taste buds travel all the way to Watou when you sample drinks brewed by St. Bernardus. This intriguing brand traces its roots back to the Trappists, who fled the Mont des Cats in France to cross the border. Why did they leave for the Belgian province of West Flanders you ask? To avoid paying tax!

The brewery produces a range of beverages, including St. Bernardus Prior 8. This top-fermented beer is bitter, gorgeously-brown in colour and features a few sweet, fruity notes.

Nowadays, you can enjoy St. Bernardus beer tastings at their very own rooftop bar – Bar Bernard, as well as professional tours. Pretty fancy, right!? Then again, why would you go there when you can sip on the fruits of their labour in your armchair at home?

Pick up some bottles from this brand for yourself, to savour a glorious pint or two. Simply order a case online, today!