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Augustiner beer has been around for hundreds of years, originally produced by the Augustinian monks in their monastery near Munich’s cathedral. To this day, the people of the city still enjoy drinking this holy beverage in local alehouses, but now, the rest of the world can enjoy it, too!

As a long-standing brewery, Augustiner-Bräu offers quite the collection. There is plenty to whet your palate, from light lagers to refreshing wheat beers and more. Basically, if you’re wanting to explore the incredible world of German brews, then these pedigree pints are the perfect place to start. 

Augustiner Beers

For a revitalising option, take a sip of their Lagerbier Hell, a wonderfully easy-going drink with mildly hoppy notes. Or, try the delightful amber-coloured Augustiner Weissbier, for a medium-bodied and spicy taste.

Whatever you choose from the tempting selection, you can be sure that each heavenly bottle is filled with flavour. Start your Bavarian beer pilgrimage from your sofa and order a case today.