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You’re in for a hoppy treat when you sip on an ERDINGER beer. Bottles of this mighty stuff have been brewed in Germany since 1886, and more impressively, the original recipe is still used to this day! Their Weissbier – a pale, cloudy and delightfully refreshing drink, has been a Bavarian classic ever since.

So, what sets this brand apart from the crowd? For a start, they are the world’s largest wheat beer brewery, continually crafting a top-fermented, lightly-coloured speciality which uses at least 50 percent of malted wheat. Their bottles of bliss are also in compliance with the Bavarian Purity Law to ensure that they are kept traditional and are of the highest quality.

ERDINGER’s fine-flavoured beers are sure to leave you wanting more. Once you’ve tried a pack of their most popular option, you can order some of their other buzz-filled bottles in a selection of styles. Try a lively Kristall, or if you’re a true brew connoisseur, pick up a case of Dunkel – it’s strong, dark and slightly sweet. Perfect!