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Löwenbräu is as German as a brewery can get: their beers are produced in Munich and have been served at every Oktoberfest since the 1800s. This bold brewery actually kickstarted in the late 1300s, but don’t worry; their lagers are as refreshing today as they were back then!

Interestingly, Löwenbräu translates to “lion’s brew”, and the robust flavour of their drinks definitely lives up to its name. Each sip packs a real punch, which is why this brand is a favourite amongst German beer drinkers.

Their signature brew, Löwenbräu Original, is an invigorating Helles lager and uses premium ingredients to produce a classic Bavarian beverage. It’s golden in colour and delivers a spicy, yet subtly malty taste – one that is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Better yet, this traditional tipple can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Grab yourself a multipack and start filling your fridge with bottles of this brand’s full-bodied beers.