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Beerhunter is proud to offer the iconic Lowenbrau beer, a staple of the German beer scene and a favourite among those who appreciate a classic lager with a unique twist. Originating from Munich, Lowenbrau is one of the oldest breweries in Germany and has a rich history dating back over 600 years.

Lowenbrau beer is known for its crisp, clean flavour profile, making it an excellent choice for those new to craft beer or who enjoy a traditional German lager. This beer is brewed with the finest ingredients, including high-quality hops and malt. In addition, it is fermented traditionally to ensure the perfect balance of flavour.

The brewery has been dedicated to preserving the original taste of the beer for over six centuries. They use the same brewing techniques passed down from generation to generation and continue to use the traditional brewing method to ensure that each bottle of Lowenbrau beer is just as delicious as it was when it was first brewed.

Lowenbrau is a true representation of the classic German lager. It is perfect for enjoying at any time of the day. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a refreshing beer to enjoy with friends or those who appreciate life’s finer things.

Lowenbrau beer is a staple at Oktoberfest celebrations and is enjoyed by many beer lovers all over the world. It’s the perfect beer for those who appreciate the traditional taste of German lagers and want to experience a taste of Germany in their own home.

Suppose you’re looking for a traditional German lager that is both delicious and true to its roots. In that case, Lowenbrau is the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking for a refreshing beer to enjoy with friends, you won’t be disappointed by this classic brew.

So why not treat yourself to a bottle of Lowenbrau today and experience the authentic taste of a classic German lager. With its crisp, clean flavour profile and rich history, Lowenbrau is a beer that truly stands the test of time.