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Schlenkerla is best known as a “smoked beer brewery”, so you’re in for a real treat when slurping down a bottle of its unique drinks. The Schlenkerla Tavern dates right back to around 1405 and has been on an exciting journey ever since!

Not only does this bold brewery have a long history, but it has a pretty successful one, too, acquiring a list of awards over the years for its brilliant range of beers. You can certainly count on them to craft a delicious, hop-tastic pint with a twist. These guys also love sticking to age-old traditions. In fact, the smoked beer they brew is still tapped from oak-wood kegs. How cool is that?

Grab a few bottles of Schlenkerla Helles, packed with Bavarian hops, barley malt and water to conjure up a subtle, smoky aroma (without even using smoke malt to create it)! 

What are you waiting for? Sip on one of this brand’s brews by ordering a pack, today.