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Big Hug Brewing began its journey back in 2014. It was founded by three pals with a passion for craft beer and has been creating mighty-fine hops ever since! This brand’s beverages come in cans which are quirky and colourfully decorated. Simply pour one out to find a drink that really packs a punch.

Try their refreshing signature brew: White IPA 5.2%. This slick, full-bodied tipple, (which is likened to a wheat beer), is sure to go down a treat. The bitter yet light finish will certainly tease your taste buds. Snag a set of six or 12 cans, split the difference with your mates and crack one open! 

The creators themselves recommend enjoying a glass with a spicy meal. So, choose your accompanying dish wisely when you slurp up this brew on an evening! That way, you’ll get the whole, flavourful experience. 

If this brewery’s bold beers appeal to you, or you just want to see what all the fuss is about, then grab a pack for yourself, today.