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Where is BrewDog Beer from?

BrewDog was born in 2007, when its founders (James Watt and Martin Dickie) opened up their original brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland. Since then, they’ve been on one hell of a journey!

These guys are adored by drinkers for both their hearty hops and their innovative beer-led creations. This brilliant brand even built its very own museum, where you can learn all about BrewDog beer. They didn’t stop there, either, and introduced us to the world’s first craft beer hotel: The DogHouse how cool is that?

How Many BrewDog Beers Are There?

BrewDog is always concocting creative new cans for us to savour (some of which are seasonal), so the true number of beers they make is constantly changing. However, this ever-growing range of beloved beverages is hugely varied, meaning you’ll quickly find a flavour that tickles your fancy. 

Bust open a can of Clockwork Tangerine: a citrus IPA with a tantalisingly juicy taste. Or, indulge in a gift set, and relish in a trio of the brand’s most boast-worthy pale ales (as well as a stylish schooner glass!) Looking for something alcohol-free? No worries, this brewery caters for everyone. In fact, after one simple sip, there’s no doubt you’ll be a fan forever!

Is BrewDog Beer Vegan?

It sure is! Although there are a few exceptions, the vast majority of BrewDog’s beers are vegan-friendly. This includes their flagship brew, Punk IPA – the first of their drinks to fly off the shelves. Remember to check the contents of each bottle before buying, to ensure it meets the needs of your diet.

Whether you’re saving a case for a rainy day or treating your pals to a premium pack, browse our extensive selection of BrewDog’s trendy bottled brews, today. Then, simply order your favourites, and get them sent straight to your door.