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Starting out in South London in 2013, Brixton Brewery had one goal: to put this dynamic neighbourhood on the map for producing bodacious beer.

The vibrant energy Brixton exudes inspires every single one of their beers, from the flavours and smells of its food markets to some of its famous landmarks, which these drinks are named after! Try a Reliance Pale Ale or a lively Electric I.P.A; you can’t miss their stand-out packaging, either, with each can showcasing funky, multi-coloured patterns.

Brixton Brewery believes in traditional British brewing methods, combined with a splash of something extra-special. Their hops are hand-crafted and blend different styles and tastes to create brilliantly-balanced beers that are easy to sup, slurp or swig. Even better, their entire range is vegan-friendly!

These guys are all about celebrating community and share a passion for beer. So, if you want a taste of Brixton, go ahead and browse Beerhunter’s ample selection, today.