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Hawkes Cider gets its name from the original street “hawkers”, or apple-sellers, of Victorian London. These self-confessed saviours of cider are on a mission to produce something different from the ‘big’ brewers by keeping it craft. 

One of their core ciders, Urban Orchard, is a classic, dry drink made from hand-picked, London-pressed apples. Reach for a bottle of this smooth, crisp beverage to enjoy a brew that doesn’t fall flat on flavour. So refreshing!

That’s not all though, as this funky brand has plenty more to offer cider-lovers. If you’re hankering for something slightly sweet, their juicy Dead & Berried mixed berry cider is sure to hit the spot. Crack open a 330ml can or bust into a 500ml bottle – the choice is yours. Or, for an even fruitier option, try the Doom & Bloom rose cider.

Whether you like a traditional taste or a bit of a twist to your tipple, browse the full range of these creative craft ciders and quench your thirst, today.