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We’ve all seen the incredible wave of new, outstanding types of beer over the past decade. More and more breweries have been popping up with one-off blends and bespoke styles. This means we have more choice than ever before! Cases are packed with flavour, tantalising the taste buds of even the most knowledgeable connoisseurs.

So, what styles are out there and how do they differ? Well, the main two: ales and lager, can be differentiated by their fermentation processes. Take a look at the quotes below to figure out which beer fits you best.

“I Like Light Tasting Drinks”

If you enjoy lighter pints, lager is an ideal option for you. It’s brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast and is incredibly popular; you’ll have loads of packs to pick from!

Pale lagers (such as most American lagers) are very common. However, there are numerous dark lagers to sip on, too. Plus, lots of countries have their own style of this stuff. Bust into a pilsner or Helles, which originate from Germany.

“I Want to Explore Different Flavours”

In this case, we recommend delving into the world of ale, which is brewed through top fermentation. There is a huge selection of drinks that fall under this category, making it tricky to know what you want.

Pale ales are diverse, hoppy beverages that craft brewers love to play around with! There is a wide variety of them available, so start checking out India pale ales (commonly called “IPAs” for short).

Join the Dark Side

Once you’ve uncovered all of the brews out there, you might want to try a darker drink. Trust us, you’ll have no problem finding a bottle that makes your taste buds tingle. 

There’s a deluge of breathtaking beers available which boast a rich colour and a bold essence. This range includes dark ales, brown ales and red ales (to name just a few)!

Superb Stouts and Porters

Nothing hits the spot like a sublime stout! This top tipple is one of the darkest styles of beer you can get. It’s typically made with roasted barley or roasted malt but can vary in flavour – it all depends on where it’s made.

Irish stout beer tends to have a dry finish, while English and American ones are usually sweeter and stronger. Or, pick a premium porter; this variety is pretty similar to a stout. The only main difference is the type of malt that’s used to brew them. Whichever you choose, you’ll be savouring every sip.

Stay Local or Go Global

There are plenty of local craft beer options, which are great for when you fancy something unique. Plus, with over 350 world beers (and counting) to choose from, you can try all of the exciting international beverages on offer as well. 

Try a wonderful wheat beer from Germany, or a white ale all the way from Japan (yum). For something different, go for a timeless Trappist tipple from Belgium. Luckily, we stock an excellent range of these brilliant brews!

Sip Something Strong

You can also shop by filtering the ABV. Maybe you prefer a pint that packs an extra punch? In that case, you’ll be right at home browsing our selection of strong ales, as the bottles in this category range from 6-10%. We can guarantee that these drinks will be brimming with flavour.

Drinks for All Diets

We believe that any adult should be able to kick back and enjoy a refreshing brew. That’s why we extend our range to suit as many drinkers as possible. In fact, we stock several special styles, which are designed for those with strict dietary requirements. This includes alcohol and gluten-free alternatives.

Alcohol-Free Ales

We have plenty of pints that feature a high hop count but a low ABV (including some as low as 0.0%!) You might want to have a couple of drinks but take things easy. Not a problem – just go for a low-alcohol brew which sits at around the 2.5% mark.

Gluten-Free Goodness

If you’re after a gluten-free glass to glug, you’ll be able to order something suitably satisfying when you shop with us.

You’ll never be restricted to one or two types of tipple because our selection of gluten-free goodness includes an array of ales. Treat yourself to the taste sensation of a pale ale or pilsner – you deserve it!

What Else Sets Them Apart?

Aside from the fermentation method and varying temperatures, other elements in the brewing stage can affect how the beer turns out. Using different kinds of roasted malts can add colour and flavour, as well as the level of hop bitterness.

Many breweries also experiment by adding non-traditional ingredients to their bottles. These days, you can find all kinds of wacky flavours packed into a case of hops. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear after sampling one of these special treats.

Savour a drink with the magnificent fruity taste of mango, gooseberry or grapefruit. There are even brews that hold hints of cake and chocolate; pretty incredible, right? If you have a real sweet tooth, these cans will be right up your street.

Browse Our Range

Above all, we want to make your experience with us the best it can be. Simply browse our cracking collection to find the perfect bitter or stout and order your favourite direct to your door, today. You’ll get it without any fuss, and can enjoy it from the comfort of your own sofa. Bliss!