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Types of Beer
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We beer-lovers have all seen the incredible wave of new, outstanding types of beer over the past decade or so.

More and more breweries from across the globe have been popping up with one-off blends and bespoke styles, giving us more choice than ever before! Cases are packed with flavour, tantalising the taste buds of even the most well-trained connoisseurs.

So, what styles are out there and how do they differ? Well, the main two (lager and ale) can be differentiated by their fermentation processes, so let’s start there. Take a look at the quotes below to figure out which beer fits you best.

“I Like Light Tasting Drinks”

If you’re new to the beer market but enjoy lighter pints, then lager is an ideal option for you. It’s brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast and is incredibly popular, meaning you’ll have loads of packs to pick from!

Pale lagers (such as most American lagers) are very common, but there are numerous dark lagers to sip on, too. Lots of other countries have their own well-liked styles of this stuff; bust into a can of pilsner or Helles, which originate from Germany.

“I Want to Explore Different Flavours”

In this case, we recommend delving into the world of ale, which is brewed through top fermentation. There is a huge selection of drinks that fall under this category, which can make it tricky to know what you might want.

Pale ales are diverse, hoppy beverages, which craft brewers love to play around with! That means that there is a wide variety of them available, so start by checking out English pale ales or India pale ales (commonly called “IPAs” for short).

Then, you’ll begin to uncover all the other brews you can get your hands on, including dark, brown ales, red ales and golden ales, to name but a few.

What Else Sets Them Apart?

Aside from the fermentation method and varying temperatures, other elements in the brewing stage can affect how the beer turns out. Using different kinds of roasted malts can add colour and flavour, as well as the level of hop bitterness. Of course, many breweries also experiment by adding non-traditional ingredients to their bottles.

Stay Local or Go Global

There are plenty of locally-sourced tipples and craft beer options, which are great for when you fancy something unique. Plus, with over 350 world beers (and counting) to choose from, you can try all of the exciting international beverages on offer as well. We stock an excellent range of these brilliant beers, including alcohol and gluten-free alternatives, too!

Above all, we want to make your experience with us the best it can be, finding you the perfect bitter or stout and getting it to you without any fuss. So, simply browse our fine collection, and order your favourite direct to your door, today.