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Timmermans beer is definitely not your average Belgian brew and it certainly stands out from the crowd. For the past 300 years, Timmermans Brewery has been creating traditional lambics and are now one of only ten breweries left which do so.

These beverages are a bit different from most others because of the unique way that they’re brewed. They’re exposed to airborne yeasts and bacteria that are only found in the Senne river valley, which causes spontaneous fermentation in the beer. We know, it sounds strange, but really it just gives this drink its distinctive flavour. 

If you like your pints to be sweet and fresh, then a bottle of Timmermans is the right choice for you. They’re available in a range of fruity flavours; choose between strawberry, cherry, peach or raspberry for a tipple with a tasty twist.

Grab a case online and enjoy an ice-cold glass of lambic from the comfort of your own sofa – lush!