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BrewDog was born in 2007, after its founders took a chance and opened up their original brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland. And, they’ve been on one hell of a journey ever since!  

You’ll quickly find a flavour of BrewDog beer that tickles your fancy and after one simple sip, all you craft-beer-newbies will become big fans of these beers. Bust open a can of Clockwork Tangerine. Or, indulge in a gift set and try three different styles of the brand’s boast-worthy pale ale, paired with their own schooner glass. Alcohol-free? No worries, this brewery caters for every drinker. 

Yes, these guys are adored by beer buffs for their hearty hops, but also for their innovative beer-led creations! For a start, this brilliant brand built its very own beer museum and even introduced us to the world’s first craft beer hotel: The DogHouse. 

Whether you’re buying a case for a rainy day or treating your pals to a pack, browse the extensive selection of BrewDog’s trendy bottled brews, at Beerhunter.