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First Chop Brewing Arm is one of the North’s top creators of craft beer. Although it was founded in 2012, it’s already built up a strong reputation, racking up several awards for its high-quality pints!

First Chop’s brewery proudly produces beverages that anyone can enjoy. Guess what? All of their drinks are vegan and a whole load of them are gluten-free, too! So, beer lovers of all diets and lifestyles can indulge.

The brand’s colourful cans contain captivating flavours and are ideal if you’re craving a drink with a unique twist. To sample some fruity notes, sip on a delicious JAM mango pale ale. Or, slurp up a POP – their signature citrus IPA.

You don’t just need a sweet tooth to appreciate these tantalizing tastes; this brewery provides pints for every palate. For a hoppy blonde ale, crack open an AVA or try POD – a balanced vanilla stout. There really is something for all of you hop heads.

Keep a few of First Chop’s brews stocked in the fridge, ready for when you fancy one. Luckily, you can order a case straight to your door!