IPA Beer

IPA Beer

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There are few drinks more admired than IPA beer! Known for its refreshing taste and hearty hop aromas, this bottom-fermented type of pale ale is adored worldwide. Many countries and brewing companies have even put their own twist on this old favourite.

Although IPA stands for India pale ale, it was actually first developed here in England in the 1840s. Today, there is a vast array of them to choose from, each one uniquely created to form a distinctive brew!

Why are IPAs So Popular?

This great beer style is so popular because it offers such a huge amount of variety. Yep, there’s a whole bunch of fragrant pints to discover. In fact, these beverages can be sweet, floral and everything in between!

Try Tantalising Tipples

Whether you like west coast IPAs, hazy IPAs, or just want a mix of them all, we have got you covered. We stock a wide range of these aromatic ales which are guaranteed to quench your thirst for flavour.

For a tropical fruit sensation, opt for ShinDigger’s Mango Unchained. Or, pick up Beavertown’s punchy session IPA, Neck Oil – the choice is yours. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer to sample the New England style of IPA, go for a box of BrewDog’s Hazy Jane. It truly is a dry-hopped delight!

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