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Showing all 15 results

Broaden your horizons in the comfort of your own home by getting your hands on our beers of the world multipacks. Each one will bring brand new tastes straight to your doorstep! You can guzzle down an impressive selection of these bold beverages which will whisk you away to different parts of the world, just by tasting them.

Every bottle has been picked by our beer sommeliers to create delicious, zippy combinations for you to try! These hop-tastic cases are ideal for anyone starting their craft beer journey, or any existing brew lovers looking to try something new.

Want to experience the best Europe has to offer? Well, sip on refreshing drinks from ERDINGER and La Trappe when you order our European Craft Beer Discovery pack. Alternatively, savour a range of our subtle Belgian fruit beers with hints of banana and peach. Or, try a whole bunch of floral, hoppy lagers and ales from across the pond, including Brooklyn Lager.

You can discover the tastes from across the globe every time you crack open a bottle. So, grab a mixed case, now, and find your favourite tipple!