Ayinger Lager Hell Bottle (12 Pack) 2
Ayinger Lager Hell 330ml Bottles – 4.9% ABV (12 Pack)

Ayinger Lager Hell 330ml Bottles – 4.9% ABV (12 Pack)


Ayinger Lager Hell is the typical every day drink in Bavaria. Together with wheat beer this Muenchener Hell style is the most famous beer style in the Bavarian south. As people in Bavaria are very demanding as far as their daily drink is concerned the brewers are very aware of the necessity to brew a yellow-golden beer with a light malt taste. It is crisp, smooth and mellow. A perfectly balanced taste and aroma.

BREWERY: Ayinger

COUNTRY: Germany

STYLES: Lager Helles

ABV: 4.9%

SIZE: 500ml Bottle

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Ayinger Lager Hell 330ml Bottles – 4.9% ABV BBE: 31/10/2020

Ayinger is a brewery with a 130 year history, and everything it has learnt in that time is evident in each and every one of its brews and the Ayinger Brauweisse is no different. Traditional-style recipes such as Lager Hell, and unfiltered Kellerbier sit alongside celebrated cult classic Ayinger Celebrator, an award winning, hearty Doppelbock.

This Ayinger Beer is collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.

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