Gouden Carolus Classic Belgian Strong Dark Ale 330ml Bottles – 8.50% ABV (12 Pack)




BREWERY: Gouden Carolus

COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLE: Strong Dark Ale

ABV: 8.50%

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The Gouden Carolus Classic originates from the rich brewing tradition of Mechelen, Belgium. Brewed by Het Anker, a brewery with a deep history in Mechelen, the Gouden Carolus range is renowned for its unique and traditional Belgian beers. Gouden Carolus Classic, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, is known for its deep ruby-red colour and rich, complex flavour profile. This beer is crafted with a blend of caramel and aromatic malts along with Belgian hops. It is a top-fermented beer with a taste dominated by candy sugar and raisins, complemented with touches of orange and passion fruit. This beer is ideal for those who appreciate strong, dark ales with rich and complex flavours. It’s particularly suitable for pairing with hearty dishes like stews, game, and pâtés, as well as desserts like sabayon or chocolate-based treats.

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