Smashed Berry British Alcohol Free Cider 330ml Bottles (12 Pack)


Smashed Berry is a refreshing and lightly carbonated alcohol-free cider that offers a unique blend of sweetness, tartness, and fruity flavours, creating a perfect balance for a refreshing drink. COUNTRY: UK STYLES: Alcohol Free Lager SIZE: 330ml Bottles This product is collectively packed in a safe and secure Beer Hunter branded box.    

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The first step of making any perfect alcohol-free drink is making a perfect alcoholic drink, and Smashed is the only British brand who use real 5% beer, cider and lager as a base for their final alcohol free products. They use a vacuum chamber to gently heat these ‘base drinks’, removing all alcohol in the process without damaging other characteristics such as taste and appearance.

We pack this product in a safe and sturdy beer hunter branded box.

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