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Flying Dog Brewery, based in Maryland, USA, has been concocting craft beers for quite some time now. In fact, it recently celebrated its 30th anniversary! The brand name comes from its founder, George Stranahan, who became inspired on a tough trip up K2 mountain in 1983. He then went on to open his own brewpub a few short years later. 

Just like their creators, the drinks are somewhat outspoken. These unique bottles always get heads turning, not only because of the unusual names for their beverages but because of the strange label artwork, too. This is the work of Ralph Steadman, who you might know as the illustrator for Hunter S. Thompson’s famous books. Curious yet?

If you are, try their Easy IPA – a “sessionable” brew with all the hoppy flavour of a traditional IPA. Order a six or 12-pack of these awesome ales, which offer a twist of tropical fruit, as well as a malty finish. 

Above everything else, Flying Dog believes in good beer. So, go ahead and buy a cracking case, today.